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12 Kanal EKG Cihazı

12 Kanal EKG Cihazı

12 Kanal EKG Cihazı Hafif ve kompakt tasarım 

Yazdırma modları: Otomatik, manuel ve ritim Kayıt sistemi: Termal yazıcı AC, EMG ve DFT filtreleri

Dahili batarya Dahili hafıza: 1000 hasta Lead yerleşim şeması

Ekran: 800×600 renkli LCD dokunmatik ekran

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12 Kanal EKG Cihazı

On İki Kanal EKG Cihazı 

8″TFT Color LCD shows the working status and ECG waveform. Check the waveform before printing to save record paper.
12 Leads ECG simultaneous gather, digital signal processing, to get the ECG waveforms of higher quality through the AC, DFT and EMG filtering of the ECG signals.
Simultaneous display of 3/6/12 leads ECG waveform, and the state of printing mode, sensitivity, speed, filter etc, to be easy for contrast diagnosis.
Multiply printing modes and formats, including 12*1, 6*2+1(rhythm lead), 6*2, rhythm 12, rhythm 10, 
rhythm 8, rhythm 6, manual and freeze, etc.
The length of printed wave can be adjusted and simultaneity the function of periodic printing is offered to satisfy different applications.
The instrument has the functions of auto-analysis and auto-diagnosis of regular ECG waveform parameters,provides measurement parameters such as.
HR, P-R interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, Q-T interval, Q-Tc, P Axis, QRS Axis, T Axis, R(V5), S(V1), R(V5)+S(V1), etc and auto-diagnosis conclusion to reduce doctor’s burden.
 AC/DC power supply. Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
 At the best DC state, it can standby for 10 hours, print less than 3 hours, and print 300 pieces of ECG waveform to satisfy the need of visiting patients and physical examination.
Built-in MSF, can store more than 1000 cases, convenient for doctor’s case review and information statistics.
System provides Chinese/English/Spanish/Turkish/German/Portuguese/Kazakhstan/Russian operation interface and can print out such language reports of the above.
System provides multiply printing speeds, including 5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s, and abstract conclusion graph printing.
12 Kanal EKG Cihazı



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12 Kanal EKG Cihazı
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