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Biosystems Control Serum Lipids Level 1

Biosystems Control Serum Lipids Level 1

Biosystems Control Serum Lipids Level 1 Control serum for lipids is the defibrinated plasma lyophilized human, containing components in the concentration convenient for monitoring procedure of quality in clinical laboratories.

Does not contain preservatives which could interfere with definition. Production is intended for intra laboratory quality control and contains the acceptable intervals of values. Lipidic Control Serum should not be used for an assessment of correctness of measurement.


Biosystems Control Serum Lipids Level 1

Control serum for lipids Level I. The lyophilized defibrinated plasma of the person (on 1 ml)

Components of a human origin were checked for lack of antibodies to HIV and HCV, as well as to Hbs – an anti-gene. However, it is necessary to show care during the work with this serum as a potential source of infections.


The Biochemistry Control Serum is intended for quality control purposes only and is supplied with suggested intervals of acceptable values.


1. Open a vial very carefully, avoiding any loss of the lyophilized material.
2. Pipette exactly 5.00 mL of distilled water into the vial. The component values depend on the accuracy of this reconstitution step.
3. Close the vial with the stopper and let stand for 20 minutes at room temperature.
4. Swirl gently, avoiding the formation of foam, to ensure complete dissolution of contents.
5. The reconstituted control serum is to be treated like the patient serum.


Store at 2-8ºC.
The lyophilized Biochemistry Control Serum is stable until the expiration date given in the label.
The components of the reconstituted material are stable for at least 7 days at 2-8ºC, excepting:
Alkaline phosphatase activity may increase with time.
For longer periods, keep frozen. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


The assigned concentration values for components and their traceabilityare shown in the enclosed value sheets.

Traceability of the results can be assured only if the BioSystems reagents and recommended measurement procedures are used.

Biosystems Control Serum Lipids Level 1


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