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Biosystems Reagent A1C Hemoglobin Control

Biosystems Reagent A1C Hemoglobin Control

HB A1C is the lyophilized haemo lysate of human blood, intended for quality control in clinical laboratory, does not contain the preservatives capable to create an interference to the test.

Production is intended for intra laboratory quality control and contains the acceptable intervals of values. HBA1C control should not be used for an assessment of correctness of measurement.



Biosystems Reagent A1C Hemoglobin Control

NVA1S Control. 1 x 0,5 ml. The lyophilized haemo lysate of blood of the person.


Components of a human origin are checked and the negative result on presence of antibodies to anti-HIV and anti-HCV, also, as well as on Hbs – the anti-gen. is found. However it is necessary to show care with this reagent because of possible existence of any other infections

1. Reagent. Potassium phtalate 50 mmol/L, detergent 5 g/L, pH 5.0,
sodium azide 0.95 g/L.
2. Reagent. Phosphate buffer 30 mmol/L, pH 6.5, sodium azide 0.95 g/L.
3. Reagent. Phosphate buffer 72 mmol/L, pH 6.5, sodium azide 0.95 g/L.
4. Microcolumns. Contain a pre-weighted amount of resin equilibrated
with phosphate buffer 72 mmol/L, pH 6.5, sodium azide 0.95 g/L.
Use only microcolumns (4) and reagents 2 and 3 of the same kit.


Biosystems Reagent A1C Hemoglobin Control Store at 2-30ºC.
Reagents are stable until the expiry date shown on the label when stored
tightly closed and if contamination is prevented during their use.
Indications of deterioration:
Reagents: Presence of particulate material, turbidity.
Microcolumns (4): Absence of buffer over the resin bed.
Spectrophotometer or photometer with a 415 nm filter (405-425)


Venous blood collected by standard procedures and with EDTA as
HbA1C in blood is stable 7 days at 2-8ºC.


Hemolysate Preparation and Labile Fraction Elimination
1. Bring the columns and reagents to room temperature (21-26ºC)
2. Pipette into a test tube

3. Shake thoroughly and let it stand at room temperature for 10-15minutes. This hemolysate will be used in steps 6 and 11.
Column Preparation (Notes 2 and 3)
4. Remove the upper cap of the column and then snap the tip off the bottom.
5. Using the flat end of a pipette, push the upper disc down to the resin surface taking care not to compress it.

Let the column drain completely to waste.

Biosystems Reagent A1C Hemoglobin Control


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