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Metanephrines Biosystems Reagent

Metanephrines Biosystems Reagent 

PRINCIPLE OF THE METHOD: Metanephrines are retained by a cationic exchange resin, being eluted thereafter once the interfering substances are washed away.

The metanephrines are quantified spectrophotometrically as vanillin after periodate oxidation under alkaline conditions.

1. Reagent. 1 x 225 mL. Imidazole buffer 0.4 mol/L, sodium EDTA 2.7 mmol/L, preservative.
2. Reagent. 1 x 400 mL. Ammonia 4 mol/L.


WARNING: H315: Causes skin irritation. H319: Causes serious eye irritation. H335: May cause respiratory
irritation. P280: Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. P304+P340: IF

DANGER: H302: Harmful if swallowed. H318: Causes serious eye damage. EUH031: Contact with acids
liberates toxic gas.
S. Standard. 2 x 5 mL. Normetanephrine 100 mg/L = 550 µmol/L in hydrochloric acid 0.1 mol/L. Aqueous
primary standard.
For further warnings and precautions, see the product safety data sheet (SDS).

Metanephrines Biosystems Reagent

Store at 2-30 ºC.
Reagents and Standard are stable until the expiry date shown on the label when stored tightly closed and if
contamination is prevented during their use.
Indications of deterioration:
− Reagents: Presence of particulate material, turbidity, absorbance of the reagent blank over 0.060 at 360 nm
(1 cm cuvette).
− Microcolumns: Absence of buffer over the upper filter.


− Concentrated hydrochloric acid (analytical grade).

Reagents (B) and (C): Dissolve the dry powder in 10 mL of distilled water. Stable for 5 months at 2-8ºC.

− Boiling water bath
− Spectrophotometer with a 360 nm filter (358-362)

Urine. 24 hours specimen collected by standard procedures.
Boric acid is not an acceptable preservative.
Keep at 2-8ºC and use within 24 hours. Samples can be stored at 2-8ºC for a maximum of 15 days at 2-8ºC or 

Metanephrines Biosystems Reagent