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Biosystems Urine Control Reagent

Control urine should not be used for an assessment of correctness of measurement.

Biosystems Urine Control Reagent

Control Urine is the lyophilized human urine containing anolytes in certain concentration for monitoring procedure of quality in clinical laboratories without preservatives which could interfere with carrying out some tests. Production is intended for intra laboratory quality control and contains the acceptable intervals of values. Control urine should not be used for an assessment of correctness of measurement.


Control urine.On 20 ml. The human lyophilized urine.

The glomeruli behave as ultrafilters for the plasma proteins. The degree to which individual
proteins are normally filtered through the membrane is a function of their mass and charge, as
well as of their plasma concentration.
Increased concentrations of protein in urine (proteinuria) can occur due to hemorrhage,
increased glomerular permeability, defective tubular reabsorption, increased concentration in the
plasma of an abnormal low-molecular-weight protein (such as immunoglobulin light chains), and
abnormal secretion of protein into the urinary tract4,6
Proteinuria occurs in nearly all diseases of the kidney, such as nephrotic syndrome and
glomerulonephritis. It can be also found in renal infarction and renal malignant tumors4,6
Elevated concentration of total protein in cerebrospinal fluid can be cause by high intracranial
pressure (traumatic injury, brain tumors, intracerebral hemorrhage) or as a result of a bacteria or
viral infection (meningitis, encephalitis, poliomyelitis)4,6
Clinical diagnosis should not be made on the findings of a single test result, but should integrate
both clinical and laboratory data.


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