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Biosystems Bilirubin Reagent

Biosystems Bilirubin Reagent Bilirubin is a waste product derived from the heme moiety of the hemoglobin released from senescent or damaged erythrocytes, that are destroyed in the reticuloendothelial cells

Biosystems Bilirubin Reagent


– The analyzer, a spektrofotometer or a photometer with a thermostatically controlled measuring cell (37ºС) and the filter 540 ± 20 nanometers.

– Ditches with a length of optical way of 1 cm (if the factor is used in calculations).


The serum received by means of standard procedures.

Bilirubin in serum is stable within 2 days at 2-8ºС and storage in the place protected from light.



AT. Reactant. Sulfanilovy acid of 29 mmol/l, hydrochloric acid of 0.2 mol/l, tsentrimid 50 mmol/l.

BT. Reactant. Nitrite of sodium of 11.6 mmol/l.


AD. Rekativ. Sulfanilovy acid of 35 mmol/l, hydrochloric acid of 0.24 mol/l.

BD. Reactant. Nitrite of sodium of 3.5 mmol/l.

Biosystems Bilirubin Reagent