Wagtech™ Potalab+

Wagtech™ Potalab+

The Wagtech™ Potalab+ is the ultimate portable water quality laboratory. Ideally suited to longer term surveillance and professional monitoring, the Potalab+ provides portable analysis of a wide and comprehensive range of key drinking water quality parameters where the most important factor is to obtain laboratory levels of accuracy.

  • High capacity microbiological analysis with dual incubators for up to 40 samples simultaneously
  • Advanced physico-chemicalanalysis, complete with the Photometer 7500
  • Downloadable data for complete data management
  • Purposely designed for rural water testing
  • Versatile and flexible, delivering the full range of tests required for professional monitoring.

High capacity microbiological analysis
Dual incubators with independent temperature control for simultaneous determination of up to 40 samples for thermotolerant or faecal coliforms and total coliforms

Advanced physico-chemical analysis
Includes the Photometer 7500, Turbimeter Plus, Palintest Arsenator and electrochemical meter for pH and conductivity/TDS.

Complete data management
Download incubator data and add colony counts for a complete microbiological report. Transfer data from your photometer via USB or Bluetooth, compatible with the AquaPal App and Palintest Portal.

Versatile and flexible
A fully self-contained field kit with independent power, the Wagtech Potalab+ offers the full range of tests for effective water quality monitoring.

Purposely designed for field water testing
Equipped with a surface for performing tests, Wagtech™ kits have been expertly designed for field testing, and contained inside the signature, durable carry case.

NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Absorbent Pads (100)Absorbent Pads (100)100PTW10463Enquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Alkalinity (M)Alkalinity (M)2500 – 500 mg/L CaCO3AP250ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Alkalinity (M)Alkalinity (M)500 – 500 mg/L CaCO3PM250ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Alkalinity (P)Alkalinity (P)2500 – 500 mg/L CaCO3AP251ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Alkalinity (P)Alkalinity (P)500 – 500 mg/L CaCO3PM251ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Alkalinity (Total)Alkalinity (Total)2500 – 500 mg/L CaCO3AP188ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Alkalinity (Total)Alkalinity (Total)500 – 500 mg/L CaCO3PM188ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
AluminiumAluminium500 – 0.5 mg/L AlPM166ViewEnquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
Aluminium Petri DishesAluminium Petri Dishes200PTW10420Enquire now
NameTypeTest QuantityRangePart NumberInstructions
AmmoniaAmmonia2500 – 1.0 mg/L NAP152ViewEnquire now
PT1010Replacement IncubatorEnquire now
PT120Silicone OilEnquire now
PT123Battery Compartment Gasket and ScrewsEnquire now
PT124Replacement Gaskets for Battery CoverEnquire now
PT1250Deionised Water, 500 mLEnquire now
PT399Lint Free Polishing ClothEnquire now
PT500De-Ion PackEnquire now
PT501Sample Tube RackEnquire now
PT502Crush/Stirring Rods (x10)Enquire now
PT503Nessler Tubes (x2)Enquire now
PT512Dilution Tube/Sample ContainerEnquire now
PT516Wash Bottle 250 mLEnquire now
PT524/5Photometer Plastic Sample Tubes (x 5)Enquire now
PT595/5Photometer Sample Tubes (x5)Enquire now
PT663Sample Tube BrushEnquire now
PT675Disposable GlovesEnquire now
PT680Incubator Thermometer, 0 – 50⁰CEnquire now
PT745USB Power Supply UnitEnquire now
PT746USB Photometer-Computer PSU CableEnquire now
PT804Check Standards Photometer 7500/7100; Pooltest 25/10Enquire now
PTC092Turbimeter Plus Calibration SetEnquire now
PTW100/65NutriDisc Pack – Total Coliforms and E.coli Chromocult NPS (x100)Enquire now
PTW10060NutriDisc Pack – Faecal Streptococci Azide (x100)Enquire now
PTW10062NutriDisc Pack – Pseudomonas Aerugniosa Cetrimide (x100)Enquire now
PTW10064NutriDisc Pack – E.Coli and Faecal Coliforms M-FC (x100)Enquire now
PTW10066NutriDisc Pack – Total Colony (x100)Enquire now
PTW10067NutriDisc Pack – Salmonella typhi Bismuth-Sulfite (x100)Enquire now
PTW10068NutriDisc Pack – E.coli ECD NPS (x100)Enquire now
PTW10069NutriDisc Pack – E.coli and Coliforms Endo NPS (x100)Enquire now
PTW10400Membrane Filtration UnitEnquire now