Wagtech Potatest 2

Microbiological water quality laboratory Complete indicator organism analysis, determine both faecal/thermotolerant and total coliforms simultaneously or use a variety of Nutridisks.Equipped with a surface for performing tests, Wagtech™ kits have been expertly designed for field testing, and contained inside the signature, durable carry case.


Wagtech Potatest 2

Featuring twin digital incubators, this kit is capable of carrying out simultaneous incubation of both

thermotolerant and total coliforms. Custom incubation profiles allow the user to conduct a wider range of bacteriological parameters.

Complete indicator organism analysis – determine both faecal/thermotolerant and total coliforms simultaneously or use a variety of Nutridisks

Convenient kit format – all required items are laid out for ergonomic use and aseptic procedures

Manage date – download incubator data and add colony counts for a complete microbiological

Wagtech Potatest 2 kit comprising:

Dual Potalab Incubators with independent temperature control and audible prompts, 2 petri dish racks, high performance Lead Acid battery with capacity for at least

5 cycles per incubator, mains charger with international adaptors, vehicle socket battery power lead, crocodile clip power leads.

Membrane Filtration assembly, bronze disc, pistol grip vacuum pump with no-kink silicone tubing, 5 Media Measuring Devices (MMDs), 1g Membrane Lauryl Sulfate Broth, 5 Pasteur pipettes, hand lens, forceps, 40 Aluminium re-usable petri dishes, 200 sterilised and sealed membrane filters, 200 absorbent pads, absorbent pad dispenser, steel sampling cup, sampling cable.

Polypropylene 250 mL beaker, quick start prompt cards, full microbiological instruction manual, sterilisable integrated work

Wagtech Potatest 2


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