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Biosystems A immunoglobulin reagent

Biosystems A immunoglobulin reagent


A. Reagent A. The Imidazolovy buffer of 0,1 mol/l, goat antibodies to IgA of the person, azid of sodium of 0,95 g/l, rn 7,5.


– A water thermobath on 37ºC.

– The analyzer, the spectrophotometer or a photometer with a thermostatically controlled measuring cell with a temperature 37ºC and with the filter 340 ± 20 nanometers.


The serum or plasma collected on standard procedure. As anticoagulant to use heparin or EDTA. Lipemichesky samples are not suitable for testing.

Stability of IGA in serum or plasma makes 7 days at 2-8ºC.

Biosystems A immunoglobulin reagent


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