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Biosystems Cholesterol Reagent

Biosystems Cholesterol Reagent


  • A. Reagent. Pipes 35 mmol/L, sodium cholate 0.5 mmol/L, phenol 28 mmol/L, cholesterol esterase  0.2 U/mL, cholesterol oxidase 0.1 U/mL, peroxidase  0.8 U/mL,
    4-aminoantipyrine 0.5 mmol/L, pH 7.0.S. Cholesterol Standard. Cholesterol 200 mg/dL (5,18 mmol/L). Aqueous primary standard.


  • Store at 2-8ºC.
  • Reagent and Standard are stable until the expiry date shown on the label when stored tightly closed and if contaminations are prevented during their use.
  • Indications of deterioration:Reagent: Presence of particulate material, turbidity, absorbance of the blank over 0.200 at 500 nm (1 cm cuvette).
  • Standard: Presence of particulate material, turbidity.


  • Reagent and Standard are provided ready to use.
  • Thermostatic water bath at 37ºC
  • Analyzer, spectrophotometer or photometer able to read at 500  20 nm


  • Serum or plasma collected by standard procedures.
  • Cholesterol is stable for 7 days at 2-8ºC. Heparin, EDTA, oxalate and fluoride may be used as anticoagulant


  • Cholesterol is a steroid of high molecular weight and possesses the cyclopentanophenanthrene skeleton.
  • Dietary cholesterol is partially absorbed and it is also synthesized by the liver andother tissues.
  • Cholesterol is transported in plasma by lipoproteins. It is excreted unchanged into bile or after transformation to bile acids.
  • Increased total cholesterol values are associated with a progressively escalating risk of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease5,6
  • Clinical diagnosis should not be made on the findings of a single test result, but should integrate both clinical and laboratory data.


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