Biosystems Transferrin Reagent

Each laboratory should establish its own internal Quality Control scheme and procedures for corrective action if control results are not within the acceptable limits.BTS 350 chemistry analyzer

Biosystems Transferrin Reagent INTENDED USE

Reagents for the measurement of transferrin concentration in human serum or plasma.

Theobtained values are useful as an aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as iron
deficiency anemia and hemochromatosis..

This reagent is for use in the BioSystems BA analyzers or in other analyzer with similar
performance characteristics.


Iron is normally transported via the specific binding of Fe3+ by transferrin in blood plasma. The
specific iron uptake is regulated according to the individual needs of the various cells.

Elevated transferrin values are found in the presence of iron deficiency (particularly in

The transferrin level may also be raised by drug-based induction

Low transferrin values are found in infectious diseases, malignant tumors, nephrotic syndrome
and cirrhosis3,5

Clinical diagnosis should not be made on the findings of a single test result, but should integrate
both clinical and laboratory data.


Transferrin in the sample precipitates in the presence of anti-human transferrin antibodies.

The light scattering of the antigen-antibody complexes is proportional to the transferrin concentration
and can be measured by turbidimetry1,2


Store at 2-8 ┬║C.
Components are stable once opened until the expiry date marked in the label if they are stored
well closed and care is taken to prevent contamination during their use.

─░n board stability: Reagents open and kept in the refrigerated compartment of the analyzer are
stable 2 months.

Indications of deterioration: Absorbance of the blank over the limit indicated in ÔÇťTest ParametersÔÇŁ.


Protein Calibrators (BioSystems cod. 31075). The set contains 5 different levels and it should be
used to prepare the calibration curve. The calibrators are supplied ready to use.


Reagents are provided ready to use.


Serum or plasma collected by standard procedures. Use heparin or EDTA as anticoagulants.

Lipemic samples are not suitable for testing.

Serum or plasma transferrin is stable for 7 days at 2-8´é░C.


A reagent blank should be done every day and a calibration at least every 2 months, after reagent
lot change or as required by quality control procedures.

Biosystems Transferrin Reagent QUALITY CONTROL

It is recommended to use the Protein Control Serum level I (cod. 31211) and II (cod. 31212) to
verify the accuracy of the measurement procedure.

Each laboratory should establish its own internal Quality Control scheme and procedures for
corrective action if control results are not within the acceptable limits.


Serum and plasma, adults3
: 200 – 360 mg/dL = 25.2 – 45.4 ´üşmol/L.
This range is given for orientation only; each laboratory should establish its own reference range.




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