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BTS 350 Chemistry Analyzer

        BTS 350 Chemistry Analyzer

  • LED powered system that performs clinical chemistry and turbidimetry assays to suit the needs of any laboratory with a focus on optimising consumption and low maintenance.
  • The BTS 350 Chemistry Analyzer is truly a generation in the class of semi-automatic analyzers as it is the ONLY analyzer with a complete range of LEDs optimized for Biochemistry and Turbidimetric assays. The LED not only have low energy consumption (as they emit less energy than halogens), they are durable and have practically unlimited lifetime (min 5 yrs).
  • As part of its Evolution, the BTS 350 Chemistry Analyzer has Hard Coated Filters with extensive lifespan. In addition to being humidity proof, there is no need for frequent replacement or minute adjustments thereby decreasing the cost of operation and maintenance.
  • In conjunction with the LEDs and HCF, the BTS-350 is designed to avoid frequent parts replacement and consumes negligible energy. No motor movement for filter designation. In addition to the built-in thermal printer, data (graphs and results) can be printed out/archived/exported with the use of a USB Flash Memory drive.
  • The BTS-350 is designed with the use anywhere anytime concept in mind. The Instrument is supplied with an optional Battery Pack.


BTS 350 Chemistry Range of measurement: 0-3.5 A all wavelengths
Wavelengths: 340, 405, 505, 535, 560, 600, 635, 670 nm
Plus 3 free positions for optional filter
Semi Half Bandwidth: 5 nm ± 1 nm
Light Source: LEDs
Settings: monochromatic and bichromatic


Peltier system from 25-40 oC


Continuous flow system with peristaltic pump incorporated
Stepper motor pump operation
Sipping volume can be programmed from 100 µl to 5 ml
Automatic adjustment of sample volume
Automatic adjustment of sample position


Flow Cuvette of 18 µl
Removable Cuvette: macro, semi-micro and micro
Round tubes with 12 mm


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