Medonic M32

Medonic provide a PLT extended count feature for more accurate PLT results in the critical low PLT range. In case of patient sample with severe thrombocytopenia detected the analyzer will activate.


Medonic M32 

Hematology Analyzers Pleasure-to-use graphic interface
The user interface is undoubtedly the most visible and best appreciated feature of the Medonic M32-series.

Simple-to-use and easy-on-the-eye, its large 7-inch touch-sensitive display features a 800 × 480 pixel WVGA color screen with a landscape view.
Different set-up views, each optimized for different user situations, facilitate routine use.

The most common include a sample view showing ‘classical’graphs and all parameters. A second sample view features the much-used
reference-bar display that makes clear indication if results are outside of their expected range.

Medonic M32

Three Medonic M-series M32 analyzers include micro-pipette adapter
(MPA) sampling. This feature transforms Medonic into one of the fastest
blood cell counters in the world. image012

Simply make a finger stick, draw blood into the special 20 μL micro-capillary tube, slide it into the adapter and insert it in the analyzer.

In about one minute later, you see the full bloodstatus on the touchscreen. No preparation, no pre-dilution, no vacuumtubes and no needles are required.

As making a finger stick is largely painless, MPA is suitable to take and analyze blood samples from children.
For blood banks, MPA allows for making fast, pre-donation blood testing,
while saving the vein for donation.

Medonic M32

The sampling technique is a critical part of the measurement and reflected in
the accuracy of every result you report.

Every Medonic M32 analyzertherefore comes equipped with a high-precision shear valve.image009

Not only is the Medonic shear valve extremely precise to deliver accurate results, it is also maintenance-free for you to enjoy significantly reduced maintenance costs.
Medonic M32 also provides an extended platelet (PLT) count for more
accurate results in the critically low PLT range.

In case of a patient sample with severe thrombocytopenia detected, the analyzer will activate PLT
extended count, counting three times as many platelets as in normal count
mode, to be able to give a more accurate PLT result. PLT results analyzed
with extended count will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Much as you will enjoy working with your Medonic analyzer, there will be
times when you need to leave it to analyze a whole batch of samples by
itself. image007

For these occasions, the M32S model is the instrument of choice to
have on your bench. As the top-of-the-range model, Medonic M-series.

M32S is the walk-away analyzer well-suited for many small- to medium-sized
hospitals. Just pre-load up to 2 × 20 samples and let it do the work!

22 parameters:
60 samples/hour
50 seconds, time to results, OT inlet
Sample volume
Open tune (OT): 110 μL
Capillary (MPA): 20 μL
Prediluted: 20 μL
Cap piercer: 250 μL
Autoloader: 300 μL

Sampling system
Closed shear valve
2 RFID locked reagents are used for analysis:
• Medonic M-series Diluent
• Medonic M-series Diluent Lyse
7 inch TFT touch screen
Data storage capacity
50 000 samples
Interface ports
4 USB ports, 1 LAN port that supports
LIS/HIS communication through HL7 protocol

Postscript-compatible printers supporting
PCL 3/5e
Precision (typical value)
WBC CV ≤ 3.5% (1.6%)
RBC CV ≤ 1.8% (0.8%)
MCV CV ≤ 1.5% (0.5%)
HGB CV ≤ 1.5% (0.6)
PLT CV ≤ 5.2% (2.9%)
295 (W) × 475 (D) × 395 (H) mm (M32B/M32S/M32C)
340 (W) × 475 (D) × 395 (H) mm (M32S)
≤ 18 kg (M32B/M32S/M32C)
≤ 22 kg (M32S)

Boule’s cell count processes have been tested and optimized for decades for robust and reliable analysis results.

The use of the reagents designed by Boule Diagnostics for the specific instrument ensures analytical quality and performance of the hematology system.


Article name Article description Article no. EU Article no. Latam
Medonic M-series Diluent, RFID > 900 cycles 1504460
Medonic M-series Lyse, RFID > 900 cycles 1504461
Medonic M-serie DualPack, RFID > 200 cycles 1504465
Boule Cleaning Kit 3 × 450 mL 1504111 501-036
Boule Enzymatic Cleaner 100 mL 1504112
Boule Hypochlorite 2.0% Cleaner 500 mL 1504113
Medonic M51-D Diluent 20 L 1504510
Medonic M51-L1 Lyse 200 mL 1504511
Medonic M51-L2 Lyse 500 mL 1504512
Boule EasyCleaner 50 mL 1504513  


boule cleaning kit 1500 1000x1000 1


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