Medonic M32

Medonic provide a PLT extended count feature for more accurate PLT results in the critical low PLT range. In case of patient sample with severe thrombocytopenia detected the analyzer will activate.


Medonic M32 

Medonic M32 Hematology Analyzers Pleasure-to-use graphic interface
The user interface is undoubtedly the most visible and best appreciated feature of the Medonic M32-series.

Simple-to-use and easy-on-the-eye, its large 7-inch touch-sensitive display features a 800 × 480 pixel WVGA color screen
with a landscape view.
Different set-up views, each optimized for different user situations, facilitate routine use.

The most common include a sample view showing ‘classical’graphs and all parameters. A second sample view features the much-used
reference-bar display that makes clear indication if results are outside of their expected range.

Connect and communicate like never before

Better connectivity and improved communication protocols now let laboratories exchange both patient results and quality control data with interested parties.
Medonic M-series M32 instruments are fully-equipped to meet new ways ofcommunicating.

For example, they now feature a host of connection possibilities for printers,keyboards, barcode readers, USBs, etc. This better connectivity includes.

HL7 industrial standard protocol, now available together with the previousXML protocol. LIS connection is via a LAN port.

Furthermore, this improvedconnectivity is very easy to use, as the front-panel USB port demonstrates.

Medonic M32 

Intuitive software speeds and simplifies

Powerful software keeps instruments in the front line of automated hematology analysis, simplifying work processes and giving users better control of sample results and patient records.

PLT extended count, counting three times as many platelets as in normal count mode, to be able to give a more accurate

ID fi eld-length has been increased to 50 characters and patient memory extended to 50,000 records,for example.

The menu system is both simple-to-understand and easy-to-navigate.


PLT extended count

Medonic provide a PLT extended count feature for more accurate PLT results in the critical low

Medonic M32 

Part of our Total Quality Concept

Hematology analyzers are part of a Total Quality Concept that comprises instruments, reagents, quality control materials.

Make way for Medonic!

Medonic M32 

Packed with innovation. Uncompromising accuracy. Outstanding quality.

Medonic M-series M32 analyzers occupy pride-of-place in the very best hematology labs.

There’s room for one on your bench-top. Sampling to full CBC in about one minute

Three Medonic analyzers include MPA micro-pipette adapter sampling.

PLT result. PLT results analyzed with extended count will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Medonic M32 

Based on a simple fi nger prick sample taken directly from the patient, this unique feature transforms.

Medonic into what is probably the fastest blood cell counter in the world today.
Simply make a fi nger prick, draw blood into the special 20 μl micro-capillary tube, slide it into the adaptor and insert in the analyzer.

In about one minute later, you see the full blood status on the touch-sensitive display.

There’s no preparation required, no pre-dilution, no vacuum tubes and no needles.

Since making a fi nger prick is largely painless, MPA is the ideal way to take and analyze blood samples from children.

For blood banks, it’s the perfect tool for making fast, pre-donation blood testing.

Medonic M32 Hematology Analyzers

It also saves the vein for donation. Accurate results start with precise collection.

PLT range. In case of patient sample with severe thrombocytopenia detected the analyzer will activate.

In hematology analysis, no one can afford to compromise on quality components or accurate results.

We certainly don’t. Every Medonic M32 analyzer comes equipped with a high-precision shear-valve.

No other sampling technique collects blood as precisely as a shear valve.

It’s a critical part of the measurement that you’ll see refl ected in the accuracy of every result you report.

Furthermore, not only is the Medonic shear valve extremely precise, it’s also completely maintenance-free.

As well as accurate results, you enjoy signifi cantly reduced maintenance costs.

The three-year warranty we give on this component further emphasizes the trust we put in its quality and reliability.

Medonic M32

Perfect walk-away analyzer

Much as you’ll enjoy working with your analyzer, there will be times when you need to leave it to analyze a whole batch of samples by itself.

For these occasions, the with Autoloader is the ideal instrument to have on your bench.

As the top-of-the-range model in the M32-series, it’s the perfect walk-away analyzer and ideal for many small to medium-sized hospitals.

Just pre-load up to 2 x 20 samples and let it do the work!

Medonic M32 Hematology Analyzers


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