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BTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer


BTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer

User Friendly Interface: BTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer Software is straight forward and easy to use.

Comprehensive Test Panel: With its capacity to store up to 2000 results, 150 pre-programmed techniques and quality control tracking

USB Port: Datas printed /exported with the use of USB Flash Memory Drive

BTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer  Chemistry METHODS OF CALCULATION
End Point
Differential Mode
Fixed Time
Ratiometric Mode
Cut Off
Calibration Curve
Up to 8 Calibration points
Up to 3 replicates per point
Axis: Linear and log
Calculation Functions: spline, linear regression,quadratic regression, polygonal

LEDs: analyzer with a complete range of LEDs optimized for Biochemistry

HCFBTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer  has Hard Coated Filters with extensive Lifespan

Minimal Energy Consumption and Low Maintanence: BTS 350 designed to avoid frequent parts replacement and consumes negligible energy.

Advanced Ergonomic Design: Equipped with a very sensitive aspiration pulse sensor.

Power Failure Protection:Instrument supplied with an Optional Battery pack that is charged automatically and provides 2hrs of back-up energy

BTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer

Aware of the critical role laboratories play in the health of the community, Biosystem pursues excellence with regards to quality and reliability without compromise.

Biosystem offers the new streamline designed BTS-350 semi-automatic analyzer with durable mechanics,advance optics and innovative LED poweres system.

This stylish but robust BTS-350 addresses the needs of any laboratory with special attention to optimize consumption and low maintanence.


BTS 350 Chemistry Range of measurement: 0-3.5 A all wavelengths
Wavelengths: 340, 405, 505, 535, 560, 600, 635, 670 nm
Plus 3 free positions for optional filter
Semi Half Bandwidth: 5 nm ± 1 nm
Light Source: LEDs
Settings: monochromatic and bichromatic
Peltier system from 25-40 oC

The BTS-350 is designed with the use anywhere anytime concept in mind. The Instrument is supplied with an optional Battery Pack.






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BTS 350 Semi Automatic Analyzer
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